What is B-Wise?

B-Wise is a website that is here for you as a young person so you can get honest information about your health, body changes, sex, relationships, contraceptives, HIV, and other STIs.

B-Wise wants you to be wise so you can make the best decisions for you!

Know your body

Growing up comes with many changes. You get taller, grow hair where it didn’t grow before, and much more. Do you have questions about your body? B-Wise has all the information you need right here. Learn more 

All about sex

Sex can be fun. But it can also be confusing or scary. B-Wise will help to empower you to make decisions that are right for you. And keep sex safe and healthy. Learn more

Love & relationships

Hanging out, hooking up, falling in love, and breaking up. There’s a lot going on when it comes to love, relationships, and sex. B-Wise is here to answer questions you may have. Learn more

HIV & other STIs

When you’ve made the decision to have sex, it’s important to know and understand how you can prevent HIV and other STI infections. B-Wise covers all things prevention, testing and treatment. Learn more


Accident or not, it’s important to know what steps to take if you ever end up having unprotected sex. From contraceptives, getting an abortion or keeping your baby, B-Wise is here for you. Learn more

Condoms Condoms Condoms!!! How to put one on before you get it on… wink

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