Checklist: Follow-up Counselling

by | Mar 5, 2021

Follow-up sessions will most likely be brief. It is critical to review adherence during these discussions and re-evaluate the client’s risk profile if he or she has experienced lifestyle changes. Please ensure you use your organisation’s available counselling tools for each of these topics.

Re-assess the client’s risk profile

Discuss any lifestyle changes that may affect the suitability of PrEP use.

Combination prevention

Touch base with the client’s sexual health plan and make sure they have access to other prevention resources, as appropriate.


PrEP does not protect against STIs. Regular testing for STIs is encouraged, regardless of PrEP use. IMPORTANT: If your client presents with an STI, they will need additional counselling.

Contraception / Fertility goals

PrEP is not a contraceptive. PrEP is safe to use with all contraceptive methods. Consult with a physician to provide guidance on how to proceed if the client becomes pregnant.

Adherence (daily)*

For PrEP to be effective, the pill must be taken every day. Adherence counselling is critical for full HIV protection. *More detail is provided in the Adherence section that follows.

Side effects

Touch base about the client’s experience with side effects.

REMEMBER: If side effects are serious, please involve a doctor with your client’s care.

Intimate partner violence (IPV)

People who have abusive or controlling partners may find it more difficult to take care of their sexual health and to adhere to PrEP. Ask about the client’s relationships, and for clients experiencing abuse, provide counselling and referrals, when possible.

Talking to your partner, family, friends, etc.

Deciding whether to tell anyone about your PrEP use is a completely personal decision. Some people find it helpful to tell friends or family for support and to provide reminders to take the pill daily. Discuss with the client whether and how they would like to discuss PrEP with loved ones and how to overcome any potential barriers to gaining their support.

Visit schedule

Explain the visit schedule for PrEP use. The client must return for follow-up visits at the first month, and then every three months. They must also return to the clinic monthly to pick up their pills.